A Week in Space (2-8 Oct.)

A Week in Space (2-8 Oct.)

By Ali "Maxxie" Or

9 Ekim 2017



We know what you’ve been feeling. You pretty much always wondered who was the Turkish guy on top of the HLTV ratings. How come Turkey won TWC 2016, were Space Soldiers, that up and coming Turkish team really good? Sometimes you got surprised, you thought “Why Maj3r, that French player who was really sick in 1.6, joined Space Soldiers?” With the Turkish scene not being amongst the best, you had no idea unless Space Soldiers attended a LAN event or caused an upset against a top-10 team. But, despite all your bad memories with Turkish MM players, you always wanted to know what’s going on at the edge of Europe, in the Space Soldiers gaming house. So, tune in every Monday to find out what Space Soldiers went through in the previous week. Rdy? HF!

Monday syndrome at its worst

Space Soldiers kicked off the week with EPICENTER 2017 European Qualifiers group decider match against NiP. The first map, Mirage, saw a fragging duel between İsmailcan “Xantares” Dörtkardeş and William “draken” Sundin who got 30 and 31 kills respectively as the Ninjas stole away an overtime victory. We know its kind of hard to believe but Xantares dropped another glorious 30-bomb to win Cache for us. However, an impressive T-side performance by the Swedes resulted an 16-12 Train victory for them, eliminating us from the qualifiers.

Which one would you prefer, China or Romania?

We got really excited after defeating EnVyUs at the quarter-finals of StarLadder iLeague Invitational #2 European Qualifiers. It meant Space Soldiers were just two series away from securing a spot in Shanghai, China. But what came after that was a dissappointment. Turns out Valve and ELEAGUE scheduled the European Minor Championship at the exact same date as StarLadder iLeague Invitational. Having real high chance of securing attendance to both, it’s still a mystery how our board will sort the things out.

No surprises at WESG 2017 qualifiers

Do you remember WESG 2016? Yes, the one that actually took place in 2017. We really loved it so when South East CIS & Turkey Qualifiers commenced there were no room for mistakes because we wanted to be there once more. As the heavy favorites, the pressure was on us but Space Soldiers managed to become the best out of Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian and Georgian teams without losing a single map. Our next and final stop before China will be the Europen Finals which is featuring some teams that may cause some problems to us such as EnVyUs, BIG and Team Ukrain consisting of the Ukrainian members of HellRaisers and Na’Vi.

Support us as we try to qualify from the qualifiers for the qualifiers for the qualifiers for, what was it?

It’s that time of the year again! The next CS:GO major is announced and we are invited to the closed qualifiers for the European Minor Championship. We know there are plenty of road ahead of us but we hope to see you in Boston next January. In order to do so, first, we need to become one of the eight teams out of sixteen that qualifies from the closed qualifier to the Minor. Then, we will be battling in Bucharest/Romaina, at the European Minor to secure one of two spots it offers in the major main qualifiers. If we succeed though, it won’t be a celebration as a final task will be upon us: Major Main Qualifiers. The challengers from PGL Major: Krakow 2017 and top two teams from all regional minors will clash, hoping to secure a top-8 finish which will secure them a major attendance. Mark your calendars, 15th October is the date you’d like to watch some star-level Counter-Strike as we start our qualification campaign for ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018.

How many Chinese events are there?

The possibility to travel to China for two LAN events, StarLadder iLeague Invitational #2 and WESG 2017 wasn’t enough so made some progress in the WCA 2017 European Qualifiers, too. Top three European teams will attend the event and each group in the qualifiers offers just one spot at the play-offs. After defeating Kinguin and AVANGAR, we’re set to face HAVU to decide which team tops the group.

If only we were legends

Unfortunately, Space Soldiers had to withdraw from the EMEA Regional Finals for ROG Masters 2017 due to scheduling. Set to take place on October 12-15, the regional finals collides with the closed qualifiers for European Minor. As a side note, it wasn’t only us, Team Dignitas also withdrew from the regional finals. The scheduling is a bit tricky nowadays, isn’t it Valve?

Meanwhile in Turkey

Space Soldiers advanced to the upper bracket final of Intel ESL Turkey Championship after besting GPay ICE 2-0. We will be playing against Dark Passage to secure a national final appearance and hopefully, our boys will show up to secure another domestic title.

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