A Week in Space (6-12 Nov.)

A Week in Space (6-12 Nov.)

By Ali “antoniNartaud” Selçuk / Translator: Kemal Can Akcan

15 Kasım 2017



Winning the Europa Minor tournament last week, we have shown an impeccable performance and earned a championship, pathing our way to our Major Championship. Here’s a small summary for last week:

Quite Crucial HLTV Rankings:

In the end of Minor championship earned, we’ve jumped up one spot on HLTV listing, holding our ground on 18th spot with 54 points earned from last minor, closing the gap on top 15 teams. With these a few points our representative earned, it won’t be long until we get a higher spot, considering points we’ll earn on matches in the future.

ESEA Premier 26. Season League Matches are done:

Our ESEA Premier 25th season and ESEA Premier 25th season global championship winner representative have finished their matches last week. Playing a busy match fixture, our representative was able to have 4 victories and 3 losses finishing the normal season on 4th, and quarters at 5th spot, matching up with Team Singularity. Let’s not forget that our representative have won against Singularity on normal season before.

ESEA Premier 26th Season Playoffs will be played as Bo3 in this week. Winner of these matches will gain entry to ESL Pro League.  Second and third places will have to play matches with teams from ESL Pro League in order to earn their spot on ESL Pro League. Also, those on first 3 spots will challenge on ESEA 26th Season Global Challenge.

Dreamhack Winter Qualifiers:

Receiving an invitation to qualifiers for Dreamhack Winter, SpaceSoldiers have won against BBSP, Seed and Mans Not Hot teams scoring 2-0. However on the finals, we’ve lost against North Academy 2-0, losing our chance to join Dreamhack Winter competition. Lasting approximately 10 hours with at least 30 rounds on two final matches, our representative could not make its way to finals.

Here we come, Barcelona:

Held on 22-26 November with 90.000$ prize pool, our team will be flying to Barcelona this week for WESG Europe CIS Finals.  On this tournament we’ll compete against teams like Fnatic, Envyus, Virtus Pro as well as some mixed national teams to gain entry to WESG Finals for a whopping 1.500.000$ prize.

Perfect Weekend from Riv9:

Our player on Fifa 18, Riv9, continued his success this week having 39 victories and 1 losses ended the week on 33rd spot on World Listings. This month is one of an eWorldcup elimination months and in order for our player to earn his way into tournament, he has to be in first 64.